The LIFE MySOIL project has been presented in the 8th European Bioremediation Conference, which has taken place form June 12-17 in Chania, Greece.

Jofre Herrero, Technical Coordinator of LIFE MySOIL and researcher of the Water, Air and Soil Unit at Eurecat technology center, has explained the project to the attendees, and has detailed how it will demonstrate mycoremediation as a key for the recovery of contaminated soils.

The presentation was given within the session 2B-I “Mycoremediation and composting, also pointed out the project’s objetives, the demonstration sites and the first results of the biotreatability tests and of the sites characterisation, as well as future challenges and next steps.

You can download the presentation delivered here.

The European Bioremediation Conference (EBC) was organised bt the Technical University of Crete in collaboration with the University of Bologna has celebrated its 8th edition this year, although it has over 20 years of life. The conference brought together scientists and engineers from around the world to present their findings and share information on the latest developments in environmental remediation technologies.

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