Jorge Diamantino, project partner from KEPLER, has presented the LIFE MySOIL project during the World Soil Day, event organised by the Regional Government of Andalusia on December 1st, 2022.

During his presentation, entitled “LIFE MySOIL. A step further in bioremediation: mycoremediation for soil recovery”, Jorge Diamantino gave an overview of the project, presenting its objectives, phases, demonstration sites, the first TPH results or the future mesocosms to be built.

Take a look at the video recording of the presentation he delivered down below (in Spanish, from 3:02’40”).

You can also download the slides he used to support his speech here:

This year’s edition of the World Soil Day aimed to build bridges between the public and private sectors and make the general public aware of the different lines of work that are being implemented in the soil remediation field. It was participated by research groups, companies and the regional administration itself.