Fiora Bagnato, Senior R&D Specialist from Eni Rewind, and Alessandro d’Annibale, Associate Professor from the University of La Tuscia (UNITUS), attended the workshop SICON 2024 Contaminated Sites – Experiences in remediation interventions, held between February 8th-10th in Taormina (Italy).

During session 5B of the workshop “Research and development of innovative technologies and tools”, they held the talk “Evaluating the feasibility of the clean-up of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils by mycoaugmentation: the LIFE MySOIL project.

Their speech provided an overview of the LIFE MySOIL project, with a focus on the set-up and results of both the intermediate scale pilot test (1 m3 mesocosms) at the Italian demonstration site, and of the metagenomic analysis. These results, as a whole, are now being evaluated with a perspective of setting up 50 m3 biopiles.

You can download the presentation here:

The SiCon workshop provided participants with a broad overview of what has been achieved to date in the field of remediation, in particular with regards to the technical and operational aspects.

During the event, case studies on remediation and safety of contaminated sites on an industrial scale were discussed, and experts gave speeches on land, groundwater, sediment and mining site reclamation.