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Partners from Novobiom and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid broadly disseminated the LIFE MySOIL project at the 3rd International Meeting on New Strategies in Bioremediation/Restoration Processes (BioRemid 2023), celebrated in Muttenz (Switzerland) on June 29th-30th.

Ilaria Chicca, from Novobiom, exhibited the poster “Up-scaling mycoremediation for the cleanup of total petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil: insights from the LIFE MySOIL project”, based on knowledge generated by the initiative. She also delivered a presentation on this topic.

The poster was included in session 2A “Fungal and plant systems”, chaired by Simona di Gregorio (University of Pisa) and Roman Toth (Cenvis). It presents a study that shows the scaling up of mycoremediation from the bench to large-scale experiments.

LIFE MySOIL - BioRemid

For her part, Begoña Mayans, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, delivered the presentation “Effect of three ligninolytic fungi used for mycoremediation of TPH polluted soil on the autochthonous microbiota”, also containing research boosted by LIFE MySOIL.

Moreover, Rafael Antón, also from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, showcased two LIFE MySOIL-based posters.

The poster “Temperature effect on total petroleum hydrocarbons degradation in soil by spent mushroom substrate of Agaricus bisporus” evaluates was to evaluate the differences of TPH degradation produced by using Agaricus bisporus SMS at three different temperatures.

The poster “Application of saponin as an enhanced bioremediation strategy for removing petroleum hydrocarbons from long-term contaminated soil” analyses for the first time the biosurfactant saponin to enhance PHs bioremediation efficiency in a long-term contaminated soil. This poster was presented by Laura Delgado.

LIFE MySOIL - BioRemid

The BioRemid meeting, hosted by the School of Life Sciences – University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), had the objective to bring together scientists and industry professionals in a friendly environment, to share the latest developments and innovations to face environmental problems.

Within the event, topics such as identification and monitoring of biohazards, strategies to remediate sites polluted with emerging and priority pollutants, as well as new strategies in the integral cycle water management and biowastes management, were discussed.

LIFE MySOIL - BioRemid