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Characterization of the pilot sites

To assess the future transferability of the mycoremediation technique, the LIFE MySOIL project operates the demonstration on different soil matrices from contaminated sites in Europe:

- in northern France, in the industrial suburbs of Rouen, the former Shell and Petroplus refinery is dismantled and rehabilitated by the VALGO company. This site lays beneath the Seine River, on alluvium layers, over a fractured chalky bedrock with a shallow aquifer. Numerous oil spillages were treated or under treatment. The sampled zone for the project is a fine sandy silt containing flints, where a diesel type of pollution came from the former piping network.

- in southern Spain, in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) the CEPSA Refinery La Rábida has a contaminated soil storage area where soil affected from small spills is deposited and stored. These soils are very heterogeneous regarding type and concentration of pollutants, so two piles were formed, and the soil was mixed to achieve a matrix that was as homogeneous as possible. The texture of the soil was sandy, and the main pollutants present in the soil were long chain total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH C10-C40).

- in north-central Italy, a petrol station owned by Eni Spa in the Borgo Faiti village, near Rome. The petrol station is currently working even with a reclamation procedure started in 2014, according to the Italian law, and a Remediation Plan presented to competent Authorities in 2022. The underground tanks were removed in 2019 next to the area chosen by MySOIL project for sampling soil for laboratory and pilot tests. For logistic reasons the pilot test will not be able to be carried out at the petrol station site itself, but it will take place in a treatment plant. Soil sampled for the project is mainly composed of clay with silt and sand and affected by a long-chain hydrocarbons (C12-C40) contamination. This kind of contamination is typical of a large number of Petrol stations and for this reason MySOIL pilot test results on the Borgo Faiti soil are expected to be used to assess the transferability of the mycoremediation techniques to other Petrol stations contaminated soils.